Ежегодный фестиваль «Ретро Стиль»

Retro Style 2005
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Exhibition of Gramophones

Collection of gramophones displayed at the Festival embraces the period of 1910-1956. It represented items of old mechanics which were used both in Russia and abroad. There were both typical models and miniature field samples. All apparatuses are in working condition.

«Retro-Style» news

  • The IV Festival “Retro-Style 2005” was held on September 4 in the Moscow City Golf Club.
  • Tailoring of retro clothes for participating in the festival.

  • Фотогалерея - турнир РїРѕ ретро-гольфу РІ день фестиваля "Ретро-Стиль 2005".