Ежегодный фестиваль «Ретро Стиль»

Retro clothes

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Outlines made by Ugolnikova Natalia
You can order a costume in the 30th-40th style.

  • Phone: 506-2336, 8-903-6643716 (Ugolnikova Natalia)
  • "AMIKA" Ltd 8-916-8600420 (Kabusheva Eugenia)

    Outlines made by Elena Emelyanova

  • Making clothes for Retro-festival: 8 (926) 566-40-95

    Acquisition of retro footwear

  • Specialized shop "Кристиан Ля'бутин"
    Adress: Petrovka st. 5/5, Berlinskiy Dom, 2d floor
    Phone: 730-3361, 103-8395 (Shahova Anastasia)

  • «Retro-Style» news

  • The IV Festival “Retro-Style 2005” was held on September 4 in the Moscow City Golf Club.
  • Tailoring of retro clothes for participating in the festival.