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We are sincerely glad to welcome you on our web site. The Moscow Sport Club presents a new large-scale project about the cultural and historical heritage of the last century.

It is in a way a tribute to the past with its refinement, unique colouring and, of course, its blameless style. On pages of our site ordinary things change beyond recognition, they will tell you their often incredible story.

Our project is intended both for true collectors, for whom retro style became an inseparable part of their activity, and for amateurs, whose acquaintance with the mysterious past just begins. But also for everyone who can’t remain unmoved at the sight of marvelous creations of the last century and who sometimes can’t take their eyes off stylish fascination of time.

We wish you an enjoyable visit of our site

Московский фестиваль "Ретро Стиль"

Фотогалерея - гости фестиваля "Ретро-Стиль 2005".

«Retro-Style» news

  • The IV Festival “Retro-Style 2005” was held on September 4 in the Moscow City Golf Club.
  • Tailoring of retro clothes for participating in the festival.
  • На ретро-фестивале 4 сентября 2005 года прошел показ стильных головных уборов.