Ежегодный фестиваль «Ретро Стиль»

Retro Style 2005
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“Retro Style” 2005 – a new format


Before the light autumn morning breeze could flutter an elegant feather on the hat of a beautiful lady sitting opposite a flare pot soared upwards in the clear Moscow sky to announce that golf players are about to make their first shot…

This year the IV Moscow Festival “Retro-Style” was held in a new, unusual format together with the Moscow City Golf Club. Impeccability of club’s style, originality, refinement and unique charm of retro-cars merged together. For the first time the retro-golf tournament was planed and conducted, and the main participation condition was clothes in fashion of Bobby Johns, Walter Hagen, Jean Sazerland. Guests of the festival were glad to see the mayor of Moscow Yuri Mickailovich Luzhkov who recently became a great golf lover. The festival was honored by the presence of a delegation from Riga which came to Moscow for a formal visit with the mayor Aivars Aksenoks at the head.

Beside the tournament there were exhibitions of old cars, gramophones and phonographs, a unique fashion show in the style of the 20th-30th of the last century, a magnificent bonnet show, old films showing and a gala-concert which also had a great success. Participants and guests of the festival enjoyed enchanting rhymes of jazz, delicious food made by the chef of the club restaurant Leon Eck, best Scotch whisky, 12 years old Dewar`s; tap-dance was performed on the stage, and aroma of elite cigars kindly granted by the company “Avalon Trade” especially for “Retro-Style” was felt in the air. The festival was finished to the applause of guests with the grandiose fireworks against the background of musical fountains ordered from Greece especially for such an event and placed by the company “Aquadesign” on the lake near the insular green of the 9th hole of the field. There is no doubt that the Moscow festival “Retro-Style” became the most spectacular event of this autumn. It’s a kind of tribute to the past with its elegance, unique coloring, and, of course, blameless style.

The organizer of the IV Moscow festival “Retro-Style” is the “Moscow Sport Club”. The festival is carried out with the support of the Moscow Government. Our exclusive informational sponsor is the magazine “Robb Report”. Partners of the festival are: the First Moscow Gymnasium, the Moscow City Golf Club, the Moscow federation of golf development, GOLFVISION, the Russian Club of Art and Culture.

«Retro-Style» news

  • The IV Festival “Retro-Style 2005” was held on September 4 in the Moscow City Golf Club.
  • Tailoring of retro clothes for participating in the festival.

  • Photo Gallery – retro-golf tournament on the day of the festival "Retro-Style 2005".

    There was a bonnet-show at the retro-festival on September 4, 2005.

    Photo Gallery - guests of the festival "Retro-Style 2005".